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Kaffeeklatsch, accouter, act, act a part, act as, act out, acting, affectation, ape, aping, appearance, attitudinize, attitudinizing, bal, bal costume, bal masque, ball, ballet skirt, barn dance, be incognito, blowout, bluff, bluffing, burrow, buskin, camouflage, cap and bells, caparison, characterization, cheating, cloak, cocktail party, coffee klatch, color, coloring, copy, costume, costume party, country dance, cover, cover-up, dance, deception, delusion, dinner, dinner party, disappear, disguise, dissemblance, dissembling, dissimulation, do, domino, donation party, drop from sight, dumb show, embodiment, enact, enacting, enactment, entertainment, equip, facade, face, fakery, faking, false air, false colors, false face, false front, false show, falsity, fancy-dress ball, feigning, feint, festivity, fit, fit out, four-flushing, fraud, front, garden party, getup, gilt, gloss, go into hiding, go to ground, go underground, habit, hen party, hide, hide away, hide out, hole up, hop, house party, house-raising, housewarming, humbug, humbuggery, imitate, imitation, impersonate, impersonation, imposture, incarnation, incognito, lawn party, lie, lie close, lie doggo, lie hid, lie low, lie snug, make false pretenses, mask, masked ball, masque, masquerade as, masquerade ball, masquerade party, meretriciousness, mime, mimesis, mimic, mimicking, mimicry, miming, mixer, motley, mummery, ostentation, outfit, outward show, pantomime, pantomiming, party, pass for, pass off, perform, performance, performing, personate, personation, personification, play, play a part, play peekaboo, playacting, playing, portrayal, pose, pose as, posing, posture, pretend to be, pretense, pretension, pretext, prom, promenade, protective coloration, put-on, record hop, remain anonymous, representation, retire from sight, rig, rig out, rig up, seeming, semblance, sham, shindig, shindy, show, shower, simulacrum, simulate, simulation, sit tight, smoke screen, smoker, sock, speciousness, square dance, stag, stag dance, stag party, stay in hiding, subterfuge, suit, surprise party, take cover, take off, tea dance, the dansant, tights, turn out, tutu, uniform, varnish, veil, visor, vizard, vizard mask, wear a mask, window dressing

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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